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Filing a Claim – The Claim Process

This section provides a step-by-step summary of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim process.

  1. Employers may provide a copy of the booklet, For Your Benefit: California s Programs for the Unemployed (DE 2320) to employees who are unemployed. The UI Code, Section 1089 requires employers to provide the booklet.
  2. The individual files a claim for UI benefits using one of the following methods:
    • Access eApply4UI:

Answers to questions are entered online. After the application is completed the individual submits it online to the Department. Note: This is the fastest way to file your claim.

  • Contact EDD by phone:

    Individuals will speak to a Department representative who will ask a series of questions and record the responses.

  • Complete a paper UI Application, DE 1101I:

    The application can be completed online and printed, or it can be printed and completed by hand. The application can then be faxed or mailed to the EDD for processing using the fax number or mailing address on the application.

  • Note: To reopen an existing claim, use UI Online SM , the fastest and most intuitive way to reopen your claim. Access your UI Online account and select Reopen Your Claim and answer all of the questions.

  • The Department representative files the claim and the following documents are mailed:

    * Unless the claimant is participating in a Partial or Work Sharing Program.

    • Notice of Unemployment Insurance Claim Filed (DE 1101CZ)

    For more information about the UI claim filing process, review the following web pages:

    • Need More Information: Lists the items and information you should have available in order to start filing your claim.
    • After You’ve Filed – Phone Interview: Provides information about what you can expect when the EDD conducts an interview about eligibility issues.
    • Contact UI: Provides contact information for the UI program, such as toll-free phone numbers and other contact information.
    • UI Frequently Asked Questions: Frequently asked questions about the Unemployment Insurance Program.

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